Form of Work
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Kozioł Leszek
2020 - 2022
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The efficiency of IT systems and the development of post-industrial economy bring significant changes to almost every dimension of management and organization of work. The use of modern information technologies, expert applications and automation in enterprises and institutions is becoming widespread. This requires application of new management principles and methods, as well as application of technical analysis, management through innovation, project management, co-creation of values with external organizations in the field of logistics, knowledge, and common services. Knowledge of these topics is contained in almost each of the presented articles, making up the fortieth issue of „The Małopolska School of Economics in Tarnów Research Papers Collection”. This time we are focused on the modern topic of IT technology application in the enterprise, as well as the analysis and reconstruction of organization systems in business entities and institutions. Papers that are the result of scientific work carried out as part of basic and implementation research, present a lot of cognitively and practically interesting information. To a large extent, they are devoted to the issue of using e-learning and other IT tools in the process of employee training and organizational improvement, financial management of the company, organization, provision of public services in offices and local government units, estimating energy expenditure of employees in improving work organization, and also automation and digitization of production in the aspect of the Industry 4.0 concept. The second thematic group is the research on the organization and humanization of work, i.e. evaluation of the programme to support students with disabilities in entering labour market, shaping working conditions in the enterprise, as well as evaluating historical hotel management.(...)
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