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The collection of essays published in the current issue of the “Financial Sciences” covers problems from the area of accounting, corporate finance, and economic education. The richly represented issues of higher education include the papers written by Michał Biernacki, Joanna Krasnodomska and Ewelina Zarzycka and the article written by Adrian Nagy and Veronika Liskuné Vathy. Important questions located in the area of accounting and corporate finance have been investigated by Przemysław Czajor, Piotr Druszcz and Michał Hendryk and also in the paper written by Magdalena Janowicz and Piotr Luty. The comparability of accounting information has been the area of investigation led by Małgorzata Czerny, Zuzanna Firkowska-Jakobsze and Stanisław Hońko. We hope that the variety of topics will become an additional attraction to the reader and the current issue will turn out to be an interesting reading.
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