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In this volume of the journal “Economics of the 21st Century” we present six scientific papers, which take under consideration macroeconomic problems observed in the global economy. In the first three articles researchers concentrate on economic matters analysed from the perspective of the European Union. In a paper devoted to the competitiveness of Central and Eastern Europe M. Myszkowska studies the ten economies forming this region, trying to determine – through the prism of an adequate set of competitiveness’ factors – what decides about productivity and prosperity in these countries. In his article G. Shkabarin conducts an analysis of foreign direct investments’ spillovers in transitive economies on the example of the Baltic countries. He examines the effects for the productivity at various levels and attempts to determine the existence, sign and magnitude of different types of spillovers. In turn, A. Skórska searches for an answer to the question what the scale, dynamism and disparities of employment and underemployment in the European Union are. She also speculates what the chances are to achieve employment objectives in the context of strategy “Europe 2020”. The focus of J. Kundera is the economic crisis in Greece. The author attempts to identify its causes and deliberates what changes Greece must implement in its economic policy and what institutional reforms should be carried out in the European Union to overcome the present crisis and prevent their occurrence in the future. The presented volume is concluded with two scientific texts, the authors of which analyse chosen macroeconomic issues on the example of Poland. The article of A. Ablov examines the firm-level and regional determinants of inward foreign direct investments into Polish enterprises in the framework of sectoral analysis. He aims to find out which of these determinants influence investments attraction more and how their effects vary depending on the segment of the economy. In turn, A. Kuźmińska--Haberla and M. Haberla investigate the most vital challenges of medical tourism. Their article presents major determinants of development of such a phenomenon in Poland, the most important benefits offered by rapid growth of this field of economy and concerns about medical tourists. The papers included in this very publication bring new insights into selected macroeconomic problems in the modern global economy. We hope that a Reader interested in these subjects will find here the incentives for further research and scientific inquiry. Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, Wawrzyniec Michalczyk
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