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Weresa Marzenna Anna
2010 - 2019
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In 2010 the EU launched a flagship policy initiative “Innovation Union” aimed at increasing the innovation rate and translating it into smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Strengthening the knowledge base is one of its six pillars. This research, part of the “I3U – Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union” project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, covers the impact of selected areas of the Innovation Union initiative on innovation in Europe. The questions that the book attempts to answer are the following: What are the effects of these diverse policy initiatives implemented at the EU level? To what extent have they been implemented after seven years since the Innovation Union launch? What are the policy implications and lessons learned? The research findings are discussed in detail in eight chapters. These are based on a variety of unique data collected during desk and field research, including surveys and interviews, which refl ect the opinions of all innovation system actors and stakeholders affected by these policy instruments.
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