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2020 - 2022
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In this issue of the journal “Econometrics. Ekonometria. Advances in Applied Data Analysis” five articles are published. Necmi Gürsakal, Fırat Melih Yilmaz and Erginbay Uğurlu describe opportunity windows in time series data using the sliding window technique. The authors were also looking for other possibilities to use this technique. In the next article, Iwona Bąk and Katarzyna Cheba, show the use of fuzzy cognitive maps in the economic sciences. The authors make an expert assessment of the relationship existing between selected indicators carried out using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps on the example of goals in Strategy for Sustainable Development. 2030 Agenda. The paper by Filip Wójcik and Michał Górnik concerns the improvement of e-commerce recommendation systems with deep hybrid collaborative filtering with content. Thanks to their proposal of utilizing flexible neural network architecture called Deep Hybrid Collaborative Filtering with Content Model (DHCF) stacked on top of classic methods, they intended to provide better shopping suggestions for customers on the e-commerce platform. The next paper, by Wiktor Ejsmont and Janusz Łyko, discusses the health value added of healthcare entities. In the article, the index representing the patient’s health condition and its changes before and after being treated by a given entity are described. The study of corporate social responsibility as a way to sustainable employment is the subject of the article by Karolina Muszyńska, who attempted to identify the relationship between the declared activities in line with corporate social responsibility and the implementation of diversity management concepts.
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