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The journal Econometrics Ekonometria. Advances in Applied Data Analysis is now celebrating the 25th anniversary of its establishment. In 1996, the journal Informatics and Econometrics was founded in what was then the Oskar Lange Academy of Economics, which after two years was transformed into the Econometrics. Applications of quantitative methods published in the series of the university’s Research Papers. Throughout the whole period of its existence, its Editor-in-Chief has been Professor Józef Dziechciarz. Econometrics was first published both in Polish and in English, but since 2018 the articles have been appearing only in English. The authors who publish their papers in our journal are renowned Polish and foreign scientists, as well as young scholars who are just starting out on their research path. The editors of the journal are continuously involved in the activities aimed at the internationalization of the publication, which also involves welcoming other authors affiliated with foreign institutions. The group of Professors who review the articles submitted for publication in the journal, are also members of the Scientific Council, which comprises scientists affiliated in Poland and abroad.
Dostęp do treści elektronicznej wymaga posiadania kodu PIN. Po odbiór kodu PIN zapraszamy do biblioteki.
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