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Drelich-Skulska Bogusława
Jankowiak Anna H
Mazurek Szymon
2010 - 2019
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It is our great pleasure to deliver another volume of Research Papers on Asia-Pacific economic issues. Each year we present you multiple points of view on that topic, trying to show how much the processes in Asia & Pacific affect the world economy. After nine years of hosting international scientific conference dealing with that region’s affairs, we are still confident that these issues are important not only for the countries of the region, but also for economies worldwide. This year we have chosen for you 15 articles. All of them where submitted for this year’s conference entitled “Asian Economies in the Context of Globalization”. Seeing that some authors describe the issues of countrywide importance and others of those having regional or global meaning, we have decided to group them according to the criterion of impact range. The first chapter – Asian Economies in the Global Context – is a collection of papers on general regionalization or globalization issues. T. Sporek is trying to refresh the view of the globalization processes occurring at the crossroads of economy and politics. M. Bartosik-Purgat is analyzing sources of information about products and services in the light of cross-cultural research. E. Majchrowska is using Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership case to show the importance of mega-regional blocks in global trade. In addition, we decided to add to this part the articles the subject of which is not so general, but it applies to trade relationships of a global nature. This will be the EU-India trade and investment agreement (G. Mazur), Poland-ASEAN agri-food products trade (K. Kita) or anti-dumping procedures against China under WTO rules (J. Skrzypczyńska). Articles in the second chapter are – as the title implies – embedded in a regional context. P. Pasierbiak deals with trade regionalization in East Asia. S. Bobowski offers an insight into ASEAN-Japan Economic Partnership. A. Kuropka and A.H. Jankowiak analyse the impact of natural disasters on production networks in the region. As the last in this section we have placed the article about Singaporean Competitiveness Model applied in European economies (M. Żmuda). It may be not strictly connected with Asia & Pacific, but its concept is to transfer Asian experience to Europe at the regional level. The last chapter – Asian Economies in the Local Context – is mostly about domestic matters of Asian countries. You will find there three articles about China (J. Bogołębska writing about Chinese monetary policy, A. Klimek describing cross-border mergers and acquisitions by Chinese state-controlled enterprises, S. Stępień and A. Sapa showing Chinese pork sector), one about Indonesia (Development of Islamic banking in Indonesia by I. Sobol) and one about North Korea (M. Kightley applying game theory in prediction of political changes in that state). We think it is an interesting set of papers you will find valuable in your studies. We also hope that your scientific interests will continue to be associated with Asia and that is why we invite you to the 10th anniversary conference which will be held at the Wrocław University of Economics in November 2017. We appreciate your time and consideration, as also time and effort of our peer reviewers. We look forward to the further submissions of interesting papers on Asia & Pacific. Thank you! Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, Anna H. Jankowiak, Szymon Mazurek
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