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Matysek-Jędrych Anna
2020 - 2023
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The book contains a series of eight long case studies on various business issues in emerging markets (for instance Polish, Chinese, Nigerian). The authors focus on a variety of topics from marketing, through business operations, finance, leadership, innovation, business development, internationalization and decisions to human resources management. Also, the perspective of the analyzed issues is varied, in the initial case studies, the microeconomic approach dominates, then the mezoeconomic and macroeconomic approach. The team of authors included both academics, with extensive teaching experience in English-speaking studies, and business practitioners whose practical knowledge allows them to explore contemporary business challenges in emerging markets. We are putting this book in the hands of lecturers and students of economics, finance, and management, believing that it will be a source of inspiration, discussion and will allow to better explore contemporary business. At the same time, we hope that by offering this book, we are filling a gap in the publication market, which has been dominated by case studies dedicated to well-known companies, well-known brands, and mature markets.
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