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Drelich-Skulska Bogusława
Jankowiak Anna H
Mazurek Szymon
2010 - 2019
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Asia and Pacific’s growing importance to the rest of the world is widely acknowledged today. The dynamics of Asian economic development have tremendously impacted global trade relationships and regional cooperation. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we deliver another volume of Research Papers on Asia-Pacific economic issues. This year we present 19 papers by various authors who examine the Asia-Pacific region from different perspectives. We decided to group them into 3 Chapters: • Cooperation and trade • Economy and policy • Risks & challenges Papers grouped in the First Chapter describe newly emerging regional trade architecture. You will find there a few analyses of general nature and regional scope (J. Dudziński, A. H. Jankowiak, E. Majchrowska) and some studies on specific trade agreements (A. Klimek writes about Shanghai Free Trade Zone, A. McCaleb and G. Heiduk try to find out what motivates China’s cities to establish partner agreements with cities in Asia, B. Michalski analysing U.S.-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement, while M. Maciejewski and W. Zysk look for opportunities for Polish exports in the trade agreement between EU and Vietnam). The Second Chapter is the most diverse one. It is devoted mostly to economic policy issues (including financial sector). S. Bobowski, L. Zyblikiewicz and K. Żukrowska look at the main threads in Asian regionalism. P. Pasierbiak and K. Łopacińska analyse the movements of Chinese capital. M. Dziembała and S. Mazurek deal with the subject of innovation supporting growth and development. Articles in the Third Chapter are focused on extraordinary events influencing economies and development of the Asia-Pacific region. J. Pera prepared an assessment of risk of APEC countries, based on the country risk classification method and selected indexes of internal stability. A. Kukułka and B. Totleben analyse the impact of natural disasters on gross capital formation in Southeastern Asia. Finally, T. Serwach and M. Grabowski and S. Wyciślak deal with synchronization of business cycles and contagion of crises. We sincerely hope that all the articles will be of great value to those who want to understand the role of Asia-Pacific economies in the global economy. Through various interests of authors, our volume provides a valuable insight into the problems of this region. All the papers where submitted for the 8th international scientific conference “Dimensions of Regional Processes in the Asia- Pacific Region” which took place in November 2015 at Wroclaw University of Economics, under the patronage of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Economy. We appreciate your time and consideration, and we look forward to the submis-sion of your own good work. We also appreciate the time and effort of our peer re-viewers. Thank you! Bogusława Drelich-Skulska, Anna H. Jankowiak, Szymon Mazurek
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