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Mroczek-Dąbrowska Katarzyna
2010 - 2019
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This monograph touches upon the relatively under-researched subject of the process and degree of industry internationalisation. Situated between the micro- and macroeconomic perspectives, the book deals with economic subsystems which are rarely discussed in the international business literature but which constitute a vital pillar of national economics. As Prof. Krzysztof Wach from the Cracow University of Economics emphasises, the book fills a gap in the Polish publishing market not only regarding the idea itself, but also by applying innovative and up-to-date research methods. Additionally, the monograph not only concerns contemporary issues developed within new institutional economics and internationalisation theory, but has a pragmatic, applicative character aimed at expanding the Polish economy. As Prof. Bogusława Drelich-Skulska from the Wrocław University of Economics stresses, the issues discussed have a significant meaning for both developed and developing economies.
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